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Testimonial Casting the right way with documented research to back up claims.

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Infomercial Testimonial Group is the largest provider of actually researched and documented DRTV Infomercial Testimonials in the world.

REAL Results by Real People.  DRTV Infomercial Testimonials by DRTV industry and infomercial testimonial casting expert.  Nearly 20 years of infomercial testimonial casting wins.  Is your product NEXT? 

I have worked with ITG. Their testimonials appear in the current TOTALGYM show. Ed and Alison are great
people to work with
Dave Scudder VP American Telecast Products.

MORE IMS TOP 50 shows each year
 than any other Infomercial Testimonials Provider.

"Thank you so much again for all your assistance with this.  I really am impressed with the service you have provided, and would have absolutely no hesitation in coming to you again for future projects.  Look forward to working with you again in the future!" - Donna Crossland
General Manager – Broadcast & Regulatory Affairs
High Street TV (Group) Ltd

Infomercial Testimonial Group is the ONLY DRTV testimonial provider recommended to your consumers
by SELF  Magazine.

All DRTV infomercial testimonials generated at ITG
 are by unpaid volunteers.
Infomercial Testimonial Casting done right.
IF your product works we will prove it with documented results.

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NO infomercial testimonial casting for wanna-be compensated actors -
just Real people (your target consumer demographic) and Real results.
Do your DRTV testimonial casting the right way the first time.
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Providing DRTV research studies for Testimonials since 1994.

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Launch your DRTV Testimonial casting projects with ITG -
 the largest independent non biased DRTV testimonial provider in the world.
Nearly 20 years of earned industry experience at
DRTV testimonial study coordination, testimonial casting, research and management.

Infomercial Testimonial Group has more experience with successful DRTV testimonials, testimonial recruitment and testimonial production
 than any other company - period!

So far over 5,000 individuals have passed through our testing center doors specifically to test DRTV products and programs for bonafide testimonial
 results proven with documented research.
All testimonials by Infomercial Testimonial Group are of non paid volunteers who honestly generated end result by following the program being tested.  If a product works we will prove it with documented results ready for you launch
your DRTV testimonials to the world.  
Real people Real Results!

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DRTV Testimonial Casting without 'casting'. Just real results by real people.

At Infomercial Testimonial Group results are based on the merits of the product or program being tested. All fitness testimonials and DRTV testimonials are nonpaid volunteers who followed the program managed and coordinated by ITG - the largest provider of DRTV Testimonials in the world.

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