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Your Infomercial Testimonials should be done by a non-biased third party independent  research testing center.

Beware of DRTV infomercial producers trying to keep infomercial testimonial casting programs in their own budget and not subcontracting to a separate infomercial testimonial casting research organization and facility.  This could be very costly later if you have to redo infomercial testimonials along with claims.  We have had clients this has happened to.  ITG can refer you to the best and most proven infomercial production companies and infomercial producers.

Beware of those offering infomercial testimonial casting services to supplement their regular income. Infomercial Testimonial Group research studies take focus and a little bit of pencil pushing.  Just because a supposed infomercial testimonial casting provider has a gym or studio doesn't mean they understand the Direct Response industry, the FTC or FDA rulings, or DRTV testimonials.


Choose infomercial testimonial program location wisely.  Be careful of areas that have heavy southern draws, twangs, or accents as this will limit your connectivity with a vast audience.


Stay away from areas that don’t have much of a revolving population.  Areas with revolving populations generate better ‘slices of America’ or a sampling of America when testimonial casting.


Best areas for Infomercial Testimonials and testimonial casting are Orange County CA. and Pompano Beach FL.  Orange County CA is a perfect location to generate your slice of America infomercial testimonials due to its revolving upper middle+ professional population from all over this great country of ours.  In addition, Orange County testimonials tend to exude an overall higher education level, income level, believability level, articulation and on camera genuineness. 


New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles are NOT preferred locations for generating ‘slice of America’ infomercial testimonials.  Careful not to have too many testimonial program participants with the same New York New Jersey accent and character as it may limit your overall North America appeal and number of testimonials used in your show.  Same goes for Texas testimonials, Alabama testimonials and Wisconsin testimonials. 

Los Angeles testimonial casting tend to be associated with actor casting agencies.  These casting agencies are fine to use for your infomercial host but NOT for your infomercial testimonial user groups.  Los Angeles infomercial testimonial casting tends to be movie star wanabes that do not represent the average user and usually treat their role as an acting role, a fake.  This is where the FTC gets fired up.  Ask yourself - What happens if the FTC or news organization questions them?  What would they say under oath?  No fake testimonial casting at ITG! 


Before you hire your infomercial testimonials casting recruiter engage your legal counsel.  Have your legal counsel discuss accepted testimonial protocols with your testimonial provider before you hire.  A link or mention of the FTC on a testimonial providers site doesnt mean they have an in depth understanding or the experience  nor the important industry contacts. See owner of ITG – Ed Gaut's one on one interview with the Assistant Director of Advertising Practices at the FTC. 

Infomercial Testimonial Group has had positive experience working with the Big three law firms in DRTV as well as others.  ITG is happy to make recommendations depending on product category.  See owner of ITG – Ed Gaut's one on one interview with the Assistant Director of Advertising Practices at the FTC.


Infomercial Testimonials are to have NO material connection to any party involved in the process.  Infomercial Testimonials are to be nonpaid volunteers.  At ITG all infomercial testimonial subjects are Non paid volunteers – your target demographic.


Usual Testimonial Casting is frowned upon by the FTC.  Understand that infomercial testimonials, real life non biased product users with no material connection, need to be recruited, managed, reported on etc. in a particular manner in order for shopping networks, media buyers, distributers and the FTC. See Ed Gaut's one on one interview with the Assistant Director of Advertising Practices at the FTC.  click here 


Ask your infomercial testimonial casting provider what shopping channels have recently accepted actual results and actual photos and actual video testimonial. - then verify.  ITG has experience working with the shopping channels.


Infomercial Testimonial Recruitment and management of testimonial participants is much different than testimonial casting.  There is a specific protocol that should be followed to minimize a competitors referral to ESRP and FTC.  ITG can assist you in affordably generating accepted testimonial casting practices. Click here for infomercial testimonial recruitment pointers.

Consumers look for the ITG Seal:  Infomercial Testimonial Group is the ONLY testimonial provider recommended by SELF magazine.  No other testimonial provider has worked on more #1 shows in fitness, cooking appliances, weight loss, hair growth, diet pills, and supplements.


Don't be fooled. ITG was the first and original large scale infomercial Testimonial provider in the world.  Infomercial Testimonial Group is still the largest testimonial provider by far with more number 1 shows.

On a smaller scale, many have tried to mimic what we do at Infomercial Testimonial Group by reproducing our forms, charts, techniques, stealing web photos, descriptions, and content but that proves Infomercial Testimonial Group is the testimonial provider all the others consistently strive to emulate.  We have had numerous clients come to us AFTER using a “experienced” imitator claiming to understand the DRTV testimonial ins and outs.


Save yourself money by getting your infomercial testimonials
 done right the first time at ITG.


Consider Costs and Value:  As the largest testimonial provider in the world Infomercial Testimonial Group has established processes that streamline the testimonial program process making useable expert approved testimonials, and result reporting, more affordable to our clients.


BOTTOM LINE:  We will beat any valid infomercial testimonial provider or infomercial producer testimonial program quote by at least 5%.  Forward us a current testimonial program quote from another infomercial testimonial provider and Infomercial Testimonial Group will beat their price by at least 5% or give you one heck of an explanation of why not.  FYI: Some clients have saved much more than 20% off their submitted quotes for Infomercial Testimonials.

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A note to imitators - The DRTV industry deserves better - Stand on your own merits and use your own content or face the consequence. 

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